Warriors News · This week 5/13

Regional competition in both Track and Tennis this week, a win Monday for soccer means a head to  head battle @ Trenton on Wednesday for the DL title…good luck Warriors!

Golf H v Southgate 3pm
V Tennis H v Southgate 3:30pm
JV Tennis @ Southgate 3:30pm
V BB/SB @ Trenton 4pm
JV BB/SB H v Trenton 4pm
9 BB @ Allen Park 4:30pm
JV/V Soccer @ Carlson 4:30/6pm

V Tennis @ Wyandotte 3:30pm
JV Tennis H v Wyandotte 3:30pm
8 BB/SB H v Davidson DH 4/5:15pm
7 BB/SB @ Gerisch DH 4/5:15pm

V Track @ Wyandotte 3:30pm
V BB/SB H v Carlson DH 4/6pm
JV BB/SB @ Carlson DH 4/6pm
8 BB/SB @ Grosse Ile DH 4/5:15pm
7 BB/SB H v Grosee Ile DH 4/5:15pm
JV/V Soccer @ Trenton 5:30/7pm

Golf @ Trenton 2:30pm
7 BB/SB H v Wilson 4pm
9 BB @ Trtuman 4:30pm
JV Soccer @ Huron 4:30pm

V Tennis H Regionals 8am
V Track @ Regionals @ Saline 10am
V BB @ Garden City 4pm
JV BB H v Garden City DH 4/6pm
JV SB H v Divine Child DH 4/6pm

JV BB H v Flat Rock DH 9/11am
V SB @ Hall Rd Hits for Heroes 10am