Multiple Teams · Congrats Coach Simons!

Press Release Lansing, Mi. Oct. 5th, 2013

Woodhaven High School girls basketball coach Doug Simons was recently awarded Regional Coach of the year honors at the BCAM Hall of Fame awards banquet in Lansing. The BCAM recognition comes on the heels of Coach Simons leading the Woodhaven varsity girls basketball team to league and district championships as well as regional appearances over the past two years. His teams have held a combined record of 43-5 during this time.

Coach Simons began his basketball coaching career in Grayling and Lake city, Mi coaching all levels and both boys and girls. When asked what he enjoys most about coaching he replied, “ I most enjoy being around people both players and coaches who enjoy the game of basketball for the many lessons the game teaches you. I love taking a struggling program and building it from the ground up. I like getting people involved that are good people first and good coaches second. As I look back and I am as proud of the coaches that we have hired as much as I am of the players we have produced. I also love to see young people mature from their freshman year to their senior year and move on to college with the maturity and confidence that they get from high school athletics. I also love the competing with other coaches strategically, only to ultimately have kids determine the outcome.”

Of the many challenges facing girls high school basketball Simons believes AAU and recruiting may be at the top of the list, “I believe the main challenge is figuring out how to be competitive with just our kids. There is so much recruiting going on with AAU and schools of choice that it is becoming more difficult every year.” A point of pride for Simons is that every player on the Woodhaven championship teams for the past two years arrived entirely by way of the K through 12 Woodhaven school system.

When asked what it means to be recognized as coach of the year Simons offered, “Honestly I think it is a reflection of our players, also of the downriver league coaches. It was the league coaches who forced me to think outside the box in order to be competitive. I also think it’s a reflection of the hard work Mike Brennan and Rod Scharboneau have put into the current group of players. They have created a sense of community and trust that has allowed our players to prosper.”